The unexpected message from Jennifer Aniston to one of her famous ex during a live broadcast


Jennifer Aniston knows how to finish a loving relationship without much drama and that’s why it keeps a narrow contact with old couples like Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. And this has been demonstrated over the weekend when the musician John Mayer I was making a living from his account of Instagram, and appeared on the scene the actress.

In a time of the transmission, Mayer began to count on his experience to meet the legendary artist Bill Withers, who died a few days ago at age 81 . “I never saw the man betraying his principles, or being a fan of him, nor when I met him in person. Ever” said the singer. “Whether he was talking to someone or giving an interview, 15, 14 or 13 years ago, everything they said was useful. The 4% of the things I say are useful, in change in him was 100 per cent.”

It was just at that moment that Aniston, who was seeing his ex from his popular account of Instagram, left a rogue comment that contained three smilies smiley laughing with tears. Some followers of the artist, who were attentive to what was happening in the live, did not hesitate to make screen capture of the moment and shared it on Twitter.

The actress Friends, 51 years of age, and the singer, 42, began dating in February of 2008 and a year later they finished. The relationship was intermittent and had a number of crises.

I behaved like an idiot” admitted Mayer on his breakup with Aniston in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2010. “Never really overcame it” shared the singer of “Gravity”. “It was one of the worst moments of my life.”

However, it seems that the two are still close friends. Last year, Mayer attended the 50th birthday party of the actress in the hotel Sunset Tower in Los Angeles, which was also attended by the ex-husband of Aniston, Brad Pitt.

Mayer had other girlfriends famous as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

After they finished their relationship, Aniston spoke about the guitarist in an interview he gave to Vogue magazine in 2008. ” We care for one another. I care a lot about him, we keep talking and we adore it”revealed.

Aniston has always boasted of maintaining a good relationship with their ex. Also has a great relationship with your last husband, the actor Justin Therouxwhich one of the guests of the actress in their traditional dinner of friends thanksgiving last year.

Aniston and Theroux are separon in 2018 after two and a half years of marriage.

“We broke the heart, only in the sense that our friendship was not going to be like, especially in the day-to-day,” explained Theroux a few months after the separation in an interview with the The New York Times. “But the friendship has been renewed and has changed, you know, so that is part of something that we are both very proud”