The voracity viral Drake: releasing a new song with a dance that is already in TikTok


Drake is one of the artists most-listened-to and viral of the world, but not satisfied. So, now goes a step further and releases a new song, Toosie Slide, which already account directly with a dance in TikTok.

Toosie Slide it is the sixth track of the year for Drake and is accompanied by a dance sencillito for confinement times. In fact, in the video, it appears the canadian inside of his mansion showing the steps with the appropriate mask and gloves.

“Slide your left foot, slide your right foot”, sings Drake while making the bailecito-like viral from the first minute.

And much easier than In my feelingsas this song ended up inspiring the ‘challenge’ one of dancing of a car in motion.

The popularity in TikTok began when Drake revealed the release date of the song and labeled the influencer Toosie, who quickly made the dance for the first time on his own account.

From there, the rest is history that is being written right now.