The Weekend reveals that a new song will be based on breakup with Selena Gomez


United States.- The american singer, The WeekendI shared for Variety as was that Ariana Grande he helped in the carrying out of his latest material, After Hours.

The young artist it was possible that the interpreter Starboy, contact with the successful producer, Max Martin, who just decided to support him.

Ariana, was a little bit of my foot in the door with Max, my chance to show ‘I can play this game’, you know? But when we enter together in the room, we do not really connect that much.”

Then, someone invites you to a show I did at the Hollywood Bowl, and saw 15 thousand people singing, and I think he said: ‘OK, there is something that I do not understand’. As we sat back and the first song that we created was In the Night,” explained The Weekend.

Also said that the song Faith your new album is about the time ms dark of his life, hinting that he could be, when ahab his relationship with Selena Gomez.

Then, the song Faith it is about the time ms dark all my life, around 2013, 2014… I was getting very, very nervous and going through a lot of personal things. I was arrested in Las Vegas. It was a true era of rock stars, which I am not really proud of it.”

This album, he felt like the perfect time, because it is a lookup of the exhaust after a heartbreak or whatever, continue to the artist.