Uncharted: Mark Wahlberg does not fit in the role of Sully as the voice of Nathan Drake


The production of the film Uncharted it has been a puzzle in the studies of Sony. For us to get an idea of how much time it takes in developing this project, had signed Mark Wahlberg (The only survivor) to play Nathan Drake, the adventurer who starred in the series from Naughty Dog. However, due to delays in the manufacture and aging, finish playing Sullythe mentor Nate. This decision seems not to have liked the whole world: in charge of giving voice to Drake in the video games, Nolan North, is of the opinion that Wahlberg does not fit in the role of Sully.

Nolan North doesn’t like Wahlberg for Sully

In a recent episode of Retro Replaya series dedicated to the world of video games that voice actors Nolan North and Troy Baker presented in their YouTube channel, they talked about the film Uncharted as well as about the series The Last of Us that prepares HBO. It was in this moment when Nolan North said it was ms excited by the adaptation of HBO The Last of Us that for the film Uncharted. For his part, Troy Baker, who is in charge to put voice to Joel in the video game postapocalptico, directly considered the film of Uncharted quiz never gets to see the light.

While ponan hands to work with Resident Evil 2North said the following: “The fact that you are going to do a series of The Last of Us it is much better to make a film. Have the guy that did the Chernobyl it is just what you need,” he said in reference to Craig Mazin. “Speaking with sincerity, I’m ms not thrilled with that than with the film of Uncharted. I love Mark Wahlberg but I don’t see him as Sully. Simply do not see it as Sully’s”.

Baker, especially, he said: “I don’t even think that will end up happening”said on the film of Uncharted. In fact, the actor is also of the opinion that porting the game to the format of a series works better as a film. In turn, suggests that in the project The Last of Us also helps that Neil Druckmann – the vice-president of Naughty Dog and director of these games – as well as Craig Mazin have a “clear” his approach to. In this sense, Baker notes that to condense a set of 12-16 hoursas can be Uncharted 4: The outcome of the Ladrnin a film of two hours duration is very challenging.

“I love Mark Wahlberg but I don’t see him as Sully”

Meanwhile, Tom Holland to be in charge of playing a version of ms young Nathan Drake in the film. The production, after having passed a whole series of crosses, finally has had to delay its release due to the coronavirus. At the end of the month of march, Sony, I announced changes in their calendar of premieres: Unchartedfor the moment , debuting the October 8, 2021. Was scheduled to debut in the month of march of the next year.