United kingdom, the market that is most resistant to ‘The House of Paper’

The latest study by the consulting firm Parrot Analytics on demand of global television in the third quarter of 2019 confirms, once more, the enormous popularity of The House of Paper. The production of Vancouver Half, that this Friday premieres its fourth season on Netflix, ranks second on the fiction view in Latin american countries such as Argentina, Peru and Colombia, after Stranger Things.

It is commendable gain a foothold in the U.S., where the fiction managed to sneak in at the eleventh place

The creation of Alex Pina, that premiered its third part the 19 of July, also it confirms his triumph in the european market. Countries such as Poland and Greece have fallen rendered with the misadventures of the robbers from the face of Dalí and, as happens on the other side of the pond, is the second fiction view after the american production and above For thirteen reasons.

Just the british public not been shown to be receptive with the winning of an Emmy award since the fiction doesn’t get to sneak in even among the twenty series more views between July and September of 2019. There also washed away Stranger Things, Orange is the new black, and For thirteen reasons.

Special mention deserves the good reception among the audience of asian descent. Fiction-led by Álvaro Morte and Úrsula Corberó was the fourth most followed in the Philippines, it occupied the 14th position in the ranking of the 20 best views in Malaysia and the 24th, in Vietnam.

But without a doubt it is commendable gain a foothold among the american public, used to have a wide range of content and where they throw away very strong made in house. The House of Paper achieved the most difficult still to sneak into the eleventh place productions more views, ahead of Dark, Star Trek: Discovery, Black Mirror and Mindhunter.

A milestone that could be repeated this first quarter of 2020, due to the huge expectation that has generated the fourth installment, with that the platform would shut down the second major plot of this family of thieves.

On the other hand, the consumption in this phase of the 2019 continue to increase. The 58,55% of the months of April, may and June were spent 59.9% recorded in the three months following. In comparison with the rest of the markets analyzed, The united states points to less demand content DC Universe with only 5.1%. Amazon Prime Video receives a share of 9.3%, Hulu posted by 7.8%, CBS All Access, 3.6% and the rest of the operators together 14.3% of the total.

Phenomenon of the brothers Duffer

Stranger Things is the number of higher demand in the ten markets analyzed in this report, which shows the ability of Netflix to create a blockbuster ruling that spans the entire world. The impact of the fiction created by Matt and Ross Duffer it is also evident in the section of sub-genres. During the third quarter of last year, the science fiction drama was the most requested in eight of the ten countries analysed.

The demand of the platform in the third quarter was 61.3%, a 1.3% lower than in the previous period

Despite its good performance in all over the world, the platform of streaming us continues showing signs of a loss of overall consumption with respect to the previous quarters. The demand of the platform in the third quarter was 61.3%, a 1.3% lower than the 62.6% obtained in the previous period.

This would demonstrate that not even a success as pervasive as the fictional starring Millie Bobby Brown and Winona Ryder it is enough to keep the attention of the public in the service of distribution of audiovisual content founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.

In the genre action/adventure, the share of the screen of the giant television decreases again this quarter, because, according to the analysis, to the pressure of other rivals as DC Universe and Amazon Prime Video. By the way, the service of video on demand, operated by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Digital Networks becomes the leader of action/adventure.

In addition, the platform created by Jeff Bezzos is that the greatest growth experienced during that period, when you increase your demand by 1.6% compared to the previous period. According to the report, the consumption of the rest of operators remained stable and the changes with respect to the previous phase was less than 1%.

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