VIDEO. Bella Thorne shares the food on the same plate as your cat


California, USA.- Millions of people around the world share the love for their pets, to the extent of giving them a place as a member of the family as the actress Beautiful Thornewho even has no problem in sharing food in the same plate as your cat.

The also singer and film director, Bella Thorne shared a video on YouTube where you see him happy, sharing breakfast with your pet, in the same dish.

The moment was also shared through stories of Instagram, where he sees the cat eat the cereal with the milk of the actress of 22 years of age.

In the video you will appreciate Beautiful try to annoy the cat and simulates that also eat the food in the same way, pushing the head of the animal with it, but not really consumed the food, he just wanted to spend a nice time with your friend.

Bella Thorne is declared pansexual

Actress american singer Bella Thorne is known for causing controversy, especially when he stated in July of 2019 that he was pansexual, that is to say, that he felt attracted sexually by other individuals regardless of their gender.

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