VIDEO | Drake Bell | TikTok: Actor burned coincidentally, the original lyrics of the song from “Drake and Josh”

Will it be a plan, Megan? Drake Bell has experienced an embarrassing incident while trying to rescue the original lyrics of the song “Drake and Josh”. The theme of the a successful program of Nickelodeon it was composed and performed by him.

Through your account in TikTokthe actor and singer I tried to do a tutorial of the famous “I Found a Way” so that all your followers can play it at home. However, he wanted to make emphasis in a detail misinterpreted in the song: the original letter says the word realign (reorder) and not do (realize).

I’m going to teach them to play the song ‘Drake and Josh’ in less than a minute. But before I do, I want to show you this,” began Drake Bell on the original topic of the series that co-starred with Josh Peck. At that time, showed a leaf wrinkled with handwriting, handwriting of the famous “I found a way”.

I found the original sheet with the lyrics of ‘I Found a Way’, and if you notice, it says realignnot perform”, corrected the artist to his followers, but in doing so everything went wrong.

To read the letter very close to a candle, the paper caught fire and he had to get out of there very frustrated by burning the last log of the original song. Their fans took it as a jokebecause his reaction of annoyance was exactly as it had in the series “Drake and Josh”.

In this quarantine, the artist Drake Bell follow the example of other celebrities and interact with people in social networks. For its part, he sought to teach them to play guitarbut not everything went as planned.

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