[Video] The new fight of the Kardashian that has become viral | Videos | Today


During the recording of the program ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, Kim and Kourtney had a fierce argument that ended in blows, after this, the video started to circulate on social networks where his followers began to take sides.

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In the images of this fight, watch Khloé trying to separate them, however, it fails to achieve this and later says to the camera: “While they were slapping (thought) what the hell is going on? this is crazy. I can’t believe that this has gone too far for the two physically assaults”.

In addition, the place was also Kendall Jenner, who only watch amazed and chose not to intervene.

In previous chapters, Kourtney Kardashian stated his intention to leave the realitybecause, as stated, can no longer tolerate the negative environment in which they live every day and added: “I don’t understand why they judge both the ways in which each chooses to live his life. They should accept what they each want to do.”

After his remarks, began to rumorar that would have been the cause of their quarrel. At the same time, several followers of the program started to say that Kourtney had to leave the program and apparently it will be the same as one of these comments one of the sisters replied: “If I did that. Bye-bye”.