VRUTAL / director of Birds of Prey, speaks of its failure at the box office


Birds of Prey has been a failure for Warner Bros at the commercial level. The director of the film. Carhy Yan has spoken in The Hollywood Report, how is disappointed by the agravioscomparativos and the negative messages put forward by some fans because of the perspective or the tone of the film.

“I know that the study had high expectations with the film, all we had. Had unrealistic expectations, especially for being a movie led exclusively by women, and perhaps the thing that most disappointed me is to see that none were ready for something like that. It was an added burden that, as a woman director of color, he was already with me in any case.”

“Yes, I think that there are different ways of interpreting the success or lack of success of the film, and everyone has the right to do so. But I think that everyone jumped very fast to a certain angle and perspective, at the time of qualifying Birds of prey”

“A lot of people, especially many women and young people, felt that their voices, for the first time, were represented on the screen”