What overtook Hailey Baldwin? The dress Selena Gomez left speechless fans


Without a doubt, the fans put rivalry are non-existent? model Hailey Baldwin and singer Selena Gomez. Beyond Justin Bieber, this time speaking of competition: who looks better in a dress extra shiny?

Justin Bieber it is the cause of a possible rivalry between the model (and his wife) Hailey Baldwin and her ex, the singer Selena Gomez.

Both women are beautiful and they were in the good and the bad for the artist of ‘Baby’, but according to the fans, Hailey is the only one that managed to ‘domarlo’ and therefore married him. So how so?

But it seems that this ‘competitiveness’ actually created by the followers of Baldwin, and Gomez was transferred to the fashion.

The singer Selena Gomez uploaded a photo in the last hours, where poses with a divine rose dress, full of sequins with the flash, shine to the singer. Almost 8 million likes for the miss.

In turn, a few months ago, during an event, Hailey Baldwin sported a look quite similar: with a square neckline, modeled on the red carpet in a dress also in pink color, but more close to the body and even tail. The sheens were also noted!

For you, who is the best dressed?