What With Henry Cavill? Warner would be planning a new Superman movie


If there is a superhero that the study has a hard time to adapt in the film is, without a doubt, the Man of Steel. Despite his multiple efforts to return him to his glory years that he lived, the character of the hand with Christopher Reeve, this has not been achieved. But now, a rumor suggests that Warner plans to adapt a live action of ‘The Death Of Superman’the doubt is… What Henry Cavill will be in it?

Unfortunately for all the fans of Superman, the history film of the past few years of the character only seems to go into decline, and it is for this reason that the study is looking for ways to produce additional stories with the hero but without Cavill in the role. Despite the fact that the actor said between teeth that continues to be Superman.

That is why that thanks to the portal We Got This Covered it has been revealed that Warner plans to adapt ‘The Death Of Superman’ in live action, that although it has done so on several animated films, the studio knows that it is one of the favorite stories of fans of the Man of Steel, and becoming official would be independent and would not be connected to the DCEU, (in the style of ‘the Joker’) so Henry Cavill would not be in the project.

When the comic book ‘The Death of Superman’ came out, had a tremendous influence on the rest of the industry, as reborn the Man of Steel in a time where people had lost interest in the character. Something very similar to what he lives Superman in his current film career.

Despite this history, it is attempted to adapt in a thousand plot that I try to cover ‘Batman V Superman’not he was very faithful to the original material, therefore, it remains to be seen how it would be a good fit for this feature film completely new, as soon as you know more details about the project, could revive the legacy of Superman in the film.

By now his rival and friend of Superman, is preparing its next version with ‘The Batman’, a film directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson, which has an upcoming release date for the June 25, 2021.