Where there was fire? Jennifer Aniston does not hide sympathy for ex on Instagram!


United States.- Contrary what you could conclude, everything seems to indicate that there are no hard feelings between Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, those who were couple a few years ago.

On Sunday, the renowned actress reiterated that she and the singer-songwriter has maintained a cordial relationship friendship when you leave a comment in one of the live broadcasts that Mayer has been performing in Instagram under the heading of ‘Current Mood’.

In this ‘live’, the interpreter of New Light said a joke contemptuous on his person, something that the star of Friends do not hesitate to react.

By sharing a story on the late musician and singer Bill WhitersJohn Mayer said internet users that when the soul legend was speaking everything he said was useful, unlike him.

Four percent of the things I say are useful. 100 percent of the things that he said were useful,” said Mayer in the live broadcast.

In a screenshot for an observer to a fan made ‘live’, it can be observed that the account of Instagram verified of Jennifer Aniston left three emojis the smiley face laughing with tears in their eyes after the joke that the singer made about himself.

Jennifer and John had a relationship intermittent of February 2008 to march 2009. The famous crossed through a break up highly in the media, however, have remained friends over the years.

Source: People