With heads huge, the Kardashians premiered with funny video Tik Tok


Without a doubt, the clan Kardashian Jenner always gives what to talk about on social networks, and now that Tik Tok has proven so popular, the socialités could not stay behind and released the app with a fun video.

They made their debut on the platform.

On the web there have been many videos with the filter of the giant heads, and it was precisely this that the Kardashians made its debut on the platform.

Lovely outdoor swimming pool baron at all.

Kris and Kylie Jenner along with her daughter and the boyfriend of matriarch appeared in the divertidlo clip that is a whole feeling, which was shared throughout the web.

People began to share in networks.

In the video appeared dancing in a cabinet; in the beginning you can see, Kris, after she leaves her boyfriend and in the end the entrepreneur’s makeup with her daughter in her arms.