4 exercises for top of buttocks of Kim Kardashian


The celebrity american tones your voluptuous queue according to the formula of your coach Melissa Alcantara. This is a routine to do at home. But, of course, as Kim, it’s impossible!
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian, a bomb sexy, and fitness. Photo: Fotonoticias.

Kim Kardashian taking care of your family, and your business of beauty as much as her coach Melissa Alcantarathe professional behind her statuesque figure, genetics, at the margin, she cherishes and cultivates with extraordinary discipline.

Melissa Alcantara, the demanding coach of Kim Kardashian. Photo: Instagram.

Your goal # 1: to tone glutes and increase your volume. And at this point a large part of their exercises.

1.Jump squats

Jump squats.

The coach american applies a routine of 4 sets x 20 jump squats. It is very important to do it well, keeping your back straight and legs aligned with the hips.

And when you take the leap, there is that to support the sole of the foot and prevents
skip with the tips. The reason: the effort has to come from the heels.

2.Kick buttock

Kick buttock. Illustration: gymcomapny.it is

On the ground, you have to support yourself on your arms, and in that posture to throw the back leg with the floor completely straight. The kick back has to be facing up (use the ceiling as a reference).

For the coach of Kim Kardashian this detail is the key
for the exercise to work.

3.Lifting of pelvis

Lifting of pelvis. Illustration: gymcompany.it is

Is another super exercise to work the glutes effectively.

The “hip-ups” of Melissa are a personal version of the classic lifting of the pelvis: she suggests to support the legs in a highest surface, and in this way boost just before the tail touches the ground.


Lunges, an exercise key to buttocks.

A exercise super full tail and legs. In this case, Alcantara also proposes a variation that makes all the difference: it makes putting the focus (mental) to concentrate the muscles of the back should be well oppressed.

When we do the step forward, to push 100 %
with the heel, with the hands on the waist to maintain balance. While
so, the knees should be flexed 90 degrees approximately, without passing the
tip of the foot.

To do the lunge with the other leg, must be depressed
again with the heel and finish with the legs straight to repeat the

All 20 times x 4 replicates, and with the recommendation of breaks for the body to relax and recover correctly.