5 celebrities that refuse to inject their children


In full world crisis by coronavirus, where the population is anxious for the development of the vaccine against the COVID-19there are famous over the years have manifested themselves to be antivacunas or have been linked to this movement that rejects the injections.

The movement antivacuna it is a group of people who believe that the vaccines and the act of the injection is detrimental to the health and yields no benefits, so they have decided not to get vaccinated or their children. This arises from a distrust towards medicine, doctors and governments.

The antivacuna have been qualified as a threat to the public health by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the figures, the vaccines prevent the death of two to three million people each year.

These five
celebrities have been considered antivacunas:

Ludwika Palette

Recently, Ludwika Palette has confessed to being a mother antivacuna as their children have not received any type of injection recommended for the children. The actress said that she decided not to vaccinate their twins, now three years old, as well as he did with his first-born son of 21.

Lately I’m very healthy and I am half alternative. I do not want to enter into controversy, but I am of the that he has not put a single vaccine my babiessaid also wife of Emiliano Salinas.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has been in the mouth of all, after several statements against the injections. In 2009, the actor said there were no scientific tests that ensure the safety of the vaccines.

Likewise, in 2015, the protagonist of The Mask, issued a series of tweets that caused controversy among users of social networks.

approves poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum via vaccinations mandatory.
This fascism the corporate should be stopped.

They say that the mercury in fish is dangerous, but how to force that all children receive a shot?, Does it make sense?published.

Jessica Biel and
Justin Timberlake

In 2019, the actress met with a group of lawmakers in California and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an activist anitvacunasto discuss a project of state law that would restrict medical exemptions to the vaccines without the approval of an officer of health.

Publicly, Jessica Biel and her husband, the singer Justin Timberlake, stated that they were not going to vaccinate her son Silas Randall, of four years.

Charlie Sheen

Regarded as a man of controversy, Charlie Sheen he also joins the group of celebrities antivacunas. Once divorced from Denise Richards, the actor exploded when she won a legal battle to be able to vaccinate to his two daughters.

Britney Spears

Though Britney Spears it has not been pronounced officially, the princess of pop she has been seen on several occasions supporting the controversial foundation for autism, one of the major driving forces behind the movement antivacuna.

By: Writing digital The Herald Mexico