Adriana Barraza will be a master of the superhero


Not flying and neither is faster than a bullet, it can’t load trucks and much less become invisible, but Adriana Barraza is now master of the superheroes that protect the world in the film.

The mexican actress that participates in “Rambo: last blood” and “Babel”, integrates the film “We can be heroes” that directs Robert Rodriguezdirector of “El mariachi” and “Miniespías”, now in post-production.

The story starts when a group of aliens comes to Earth and needs someone to protect her at the cost of everything, being the children of the superheroes adults, qjuienes must take the baton.

“The grandmother Moreno as the name of the character, is a lady who has no powers, but trains to all, it’s graceful and strong, making to see that we are all heroes from the inside”, tells Barraza.

“It’s a pretty movie that reinforces the self-esteem in the family, the children, and they all know how to are the films of Robert”, he adds.

“We can be heroes” account in its cast, with Pedro Pascal (The mandalorian), Priyanka Chopra (Baywatch: baywatch), Christian Slater (Mr. Robot), Yaya Gosselin (13 reasons why), Sung Kang (Fast and furious) and Akira Akbar (Captain Marve), among others.

Barraza says that in addition to being a filmmaker with a proposed special visual, Rodriguez also knows how important family.

“When I came to make the film, I had already spoken with him on skype, but after the first scene I was told that he was waiting for me to introduce myself to your crew main, and it turns out that they were their four children, aged between 14 and 24 years, who work with him always”, he says.

The actress, based in Miami, where it serves the indications for health care, waiting for the premiere of the series “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels”, by Showtime from the next day 26.

“It is a series in which a mexican family and esotericism have much to do,” he says.

The production is by John Logan, nominated for an Oscar for the script of “The invention of Hugo Cabret, “The aviator” and “Gladiator.” In the cast are Natalie Dormer (Game of thrones), Daniel Zovatto (Lady Bird) and Jessica Garza (The purge).