Amber Heard will not be in Aquaman 2 because I would go to prison for falsifying evidence against Johnny Depp | Movies and series


The dispute between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has no when finish. This story began when the actor was accused of domestic violence by his wife, sparking a huge scandal. All the time it is believed the actress, until your former spouse struck back with a lawsuit for 50 million dollars for defamation because he claimed that she was the violent relationship.

In the beginning the counterclaim it was received with skepticism, but this situation took an unexpected turn when at the beginning of the year revealed audios where Heard admitting that he hit his then-husband, and even he could hear the mocking cries of his companion.

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Well, the picture is complicated by the fact that the protagonist of Aquaman falsified evidence to prosecute her alleged attacker. The main clues that point to his guilt are some bruises that would have been painted to make it appear to the court that Depp had been hit in the face. According to your own stylist, Samantha McMillen, she had no bruising that supposedly would have made the interpreter of The young the hands of scissors a night before his appearance in The Late Late Show with James CordenDecember 16 , 2015.

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According to the u.s. firm of attorneys Wallin & Klarich, to be declared guilty of having painted the bruises, she could face up to three years in prison, the Penal Code of California provides that it is unlawful to alter, amend, plant, place, conceal, fabricate, or move any physical matter, with the intention of incriminate someone in a crime. Other related charges also include offering and preparing false evidence, considered federal crimes in that state.

Amber Heard: Emilia Clarke would be ‘Mere’ and replace it in Aquaman 2

One of the artists most requested for the role of Mera is Emilia Clarke. The arguments are clear, the actress has worked with Jason Momoa in Game of Thrones and have a chemical professional that would work well in Aquaman 2.

Few artists of Photoshop is encouraged to tweak the hair of Emilia Clarke and give it a reddish tone to imagine what it would look like playing Mere.