Ariana Grande has revealed her beauty routine quarantine Karaoke style


10 April 2020

We are all at home responsibly to contain the outbreak of coronavirus and create a daily routine has become a universal need. Cooking marathons, workouts at home, shoot a thousand series on the couch, all vabene as long as you face forget for a moment the anxiety that throbs in the heart. But there are also those who are passing the quarantine, focusing on the care of your body, between these Ariana Grande. After you have posted a selfie without extension and without ponytail, with her pretty curls natural, the pop star has shared on Instagram her beauty routine home. The part that we like most? Ariana explained in the caption that she wrote the note on the melody of the famousMy Favourite Things“which as you know also has the championship at the beginning of his song “7 Rings

So now we read the note of Ariana singing the opening notes of “My Favourite Things”, as if it were a karaoke:

Hair masks and hot bath and exfoliate, chat with zoom, and table games, guided meditations. Learn how to put on makeup the face decently. These are some of the steps of my quarantine procedure.

Dear friends, when I feel alone, when I’m feeling sad, I repeat my quarantine routine and at the end I do not feel that one sucks

Even if your approach to quarantine is different, the important thing is that you do not forget to take care of yourself. #AloneTogether #IoRestoACasa

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