¡Ariana Grande never ceases to beat record! What did you do this time?


Ariana Grande it is one of the singer’s current most recognized. Always generating content and throwing up new topics, constantly in change.

Apparently the quarantine is pretty boring and it shows in your posts. In your account of Instagram is where you can find more activity even though Twitter is not forgotten. This time, Ariana uploaded a video that managed to capture the attention of more than six million views in less than 24 hours, a record no doubt.

The most striking thing is that in the video in question says nothing, no sound, not even a description. It really has devoted fans! Only this she showing off her long hair. Katy Perry, Dove Cameron, and Austin Mahone were the first celebs who made him their compliments.

The long hair is the achilles heel of the singer, in fact, several months ago, he shared with his followers a photo of her when she was a girl with hair just as long. “If I am honest… I am still wearing exactly the same as without tabs and my ponytail… anyone who knows me, recognizes me… at twenty-five. I was here was five years old. The only difference is that on the finger of the hand says barbecue grill”, added in that post.

For the last few hours, leaked information that is of concern to his fans and family. Apparently, the actress I would not be going through their best personal time. After canceling tours, presentations, and postpone work, Large it is “distant” from the virtual public. This rumor began to circulate when observing the images without the sense that you choose to share on their networks. While this is only a rumor, these attitudes do not cease to generate suspicion as to the health of the famous.