Bad Bunny queen in the Spanish charts after suspended temporarily the “ranking” of sales


‘YHLMQDLG’ Bad Bunny recovers the first position among the albums most listened to in Spain in the week in which Promusicae, responsible for the official lists, has decided to suspend temporarily the ravages of the coronavirus classification of the bestselling albums.

So, with the data derived only from reproductions in “streaming”, only a novelty strain in the “top 10” Spanish, Future Nostalgia of Dua Lipa, that made its debut in third place, one behind Colors of J Balvin, that was the number 1 above.

The rest of the list of the hard disks of most successful consists of, in this order, Easy Money Baby of Myke Towers; After Hours, The Weeknd; Prismof Beret; When We Fal Asleep, Where Do We Go?, of Billie Eilish; Nuclear, de Leiva; X 100PREthe previous record of Bad Bunny; and Nibiruof Ozuna.

Beyond the first ten, it is worth highlighting the entry in the list of news as the group juvenil 5 Seconds of Summer, that place Calm in the eleventh place, or Pearl Jam, on his return to the studio after 7 years with “Gigaton“, which premiered at the 16th place.

In addition, PartyMobile, of PartyNextDoor, which includes the return also of Rihanna at a recording studio in the form of a small collaboration, debuted in 26th place, one above The honey of the flowers dead of Desakato, another novelty.

In the case of the simple most successful also queen Bad Bunnythat reaches out for the first time the crown with Safaeraand enjoy the success of “The difficult” in the fifth position (with the category of platinum) and Andor dirty dancing, single in the sixth.

To Safaera follow him on the podium the incredible success of Tusa of Karol G and Nicki Minaj (quintuple platinum) and Yellow J Balvin, who placed in this “top 10” two other issues: Red in the fourth place and Purple in the eighth.

In the privileged places of this list it is worth mentioning in addition to the entry of a new: 4 kisses Lola Indigo with Rauw Alejandro and Lalo Ebratt, direct to the ninth position.

Promusicae has announced this same Tuesday that for the first time in its history and for the duration of the alarm state by the coronavirus interrupted the publication of his traditional list of top-selling albums by the practical inability to sell physical copies with the shops closed.