Boris Johnson, “stable” and with “good cheer” in intensive care | News of The Savior


Johnson tested positive for COVID-19 12 days ago and was admitted to the hospital in london to St Thomas, just 1 kilometre from his office and official residence.

The british prime minister, Boris Johnson, is kept “stable” from the last night in the intensive care unit of the hospital in london St Thomas and continues “with good mood,” confirmed Tuesday a spokesperson of Downing Street.

The leading tory, 55 years of age, was admitted to that facility to the public last Sunday as a precautionary measure due to his persistent symptoms of coronaviruses, in particular, a high fever.

Photo: AFP.

Johnson was transferred last night to the intensive care unit (ICU) to have made his condition worse, delegating the control to the holder of Exteriors, Dominic Raab.

The spokesman for the conservative leader said today that “the prime minister has been stable during the night and continues with good cheer”.

“It is receiving a standard treatment in oxygen and breathe without any help,” the source added the official, who clarified that Johnson “has not required or mechanical ventilation support respiratory non-invasive”.

According to the BBC, the medical provided to you last night oxygen before you take it to the ICU, where it is close to a respirator in case you need it for your immune system to fight against the coronavirus.

Johnson tested positive for COVID-19 on the 27th of march, while after ten days of quarantine at his residence in Downing Street, his state did not improve and deteriorated rapidly on Monday afternoon.

It is expected that Raab chair by teleconference the daily meeting of the Executive and will have to decide if you keep the current restrictions of movement in the country, which must be reviewed at the beginning of the next week.

The partner of the prime minister, Carrie Symonds, with a pregnancy advanced, because they will give birth at the beginning of this summer, is in quarantine when symptoms of the COVID-19, while it has not been subjected to the test of the virus.

Photo: AFP.