Bruce Willis will shaving their heads to their daughter Tallulah



Before Natalie Portman to put fashion hair cut at zero-fifteen years ago, Demi Moore had already shown that a shaved head can be very flattering, after getting rid of her long hair as usual for the shooting of the film ‘lieutenant O’neil’, also known as ‘To the limit’ in some countries of Latin america.

Now her daughter, Tallulah, has wanted to emulate this iconic hairstyle from her famous mother and has had a few hairdressers exception: his father, Bruce Willis, and her sister Rumer.

The entire family has gathered these days in the home of Demi to meet all together at least a part of the period of isolation, and this Tuesday have occupied a good part of the day helping to Tallulah to change your look.

In the videos that have been shared by both the young as his boyfriend Dillon Buss on Instagram you can see his father, passing a razor over the head while Rummer assures him, “you’re gorgeous, you look like Joan of Arc” or giving instructions to his other daughter so that you don’t cut off too much hair to Tallulah at the top.

Jumps to the view that she has been delighted with the final outcome because, as they ended up, organized in a photo in the garden during which she posed topless for the camera of Rumer.