Celia Lora boasts its charms in a wild photo on a horse in Instagram


The famous Celia Lora showed one of his photographs more wild in his account of Instagram official, where he was able to express how much she misses the freedom, as the walk to the sea shore on a horse.

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This is one of his last photos on which he took the opportunity to show off their charms in a very little conventional.

The photography was very well produced and in it we see her riding to the shore of the sea, next to a sunset, being very well lit by the photographer, who was commissioned to freeze that moment which Celia in these moments I wish I could be living.

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In the description of his photograph, he wrote: “wild horses could not drag me away, wild horses, wild, couldn’t drag me away”, making reference to the image in which it proved to be an adventurous type who enjoys activities alien as horseback riding on the beach.

The young man has shown that is at home taking care of yourself, uploading a series of photographs of the daring with which he has consented to his followers, however, it is very remarkable how much that strange power be traveling and enjoying the world as it was something that she normally did.

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Last year we were able to observe as he traveled to various locations both within Mexico and outside the country, Even it became very viral one of his visits to Chernobyl, where she posed in one of the most dangerous places in the world.

The young woman is both a polemic as beautiful so you to be the center of attention is something very easy. Your fans are very grateful that you don’t forget them and continue to share their best photographs in your account, where it is clear that will continue to both, even encouraging their followers who are also taking care of at home.

It must also be remembered that Celia Lora account with exclusive content, something that she considers it to be quite useful in these times of social distancing.