Chris Hemsworth says goodbye to Andrew Jack, who died for COVID-19


Australian actor Chris Hemsworth lamented the death of Andrew Jack in their social networks, with whom he worked on the film The avengers, while embodying the character of “Thor”.

“I lost a dear friend this week, for the Coronavirus. Andrew Jack was a beautiful soul, kind, and beautiful, and I and many more people will be greatly missed. I worked in several films with him over the years and was the best coach of dialect that I have, it was more than instrumental in helping me to train as an actor. My love and support are with his family and with all and every one of you that are struggling during this time”, were his words to remember him.

In times of distress the world, the actor, who accompanied his message with a photograph of Andrew, also send a reassuring message to their millions of followers. “Sending people all over the planet love and compassion. Peace.”