Coronavirus. Monreal asked not to leave AMLO


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In a further attempt to convince the opposition, the coordinator of Brown in the Senate, Ricardo Monrealsaid that people and their families need all and can’t be left only to the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorso even the cameras, the parties or the parliamentary groups can marginalize of this unit demanded by the situation.

“It is the time of join, the fraternity, we must all join in”, he demanded in a video disseminated through social networks.

Monreal noted that throughout the world a number of public figures from various sectors have joined to contribute to the combat of the covid-19since huge sums of money, to donations-in-kind and Mexico may not stay on the sidelines.

“Join us in unity to the President, in this fight, Mexico needs us. Sick people and their families need us. The families of those who have lost their lives also need us. We need to all and to all. Our country needs us in unity. Let us not only to the president Lopez Obrador” he cried out.

To emphasize that entrepreneurs like Bill Gatesof Microsoft; Jeff Bezos, of Amazon; Mark Zuckerberger, of Facebook; Amancio Ortega, of Inditex; Ana Botin, the Banco Santander; in addition to characters such as Giorgio Armanim Donatella Versace, Michael Bloomberg, Lady Gaga, George Clooney, Rihanna, Ricky Martin or Elthon John.

Athletes Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer and others that do a very extensive list on all over the world have joined to contribute to the combat of the covid-19, shedding billions of dollars of their fortunes, donating to foundations, hospitals, food banks, in the purchase of medical equipment, enabling intensive care wards.

“We all have the ability to be supportive. Each one from its possibilities and from your stand. Neither the Senate nor any other institution in #Mexico can remain at the margin”.