Cuba sent medical specialists to Mexico – Televisa News


The Gobiernode Cuba announced on Tuesday that sending a group of medical specialists to Mexico in support of the pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19).

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The director of Epidemiology of the island, Francisco Duran, said that they traveled to Mexico “10 partners in health”, but without specifying the exact destination of these or their specialties. The announcement was made a day after the mexican president said that they were in talks, if only it would ask for the support of cuban in the case that your health system is viera exceeded.

Mexico, the neighboring Latin american Cuba’s largest, was one of the few friendly governments that in these years was not part of the programmes of cooperation of medical specialists that the island has with dozens of other countries and that the united States sought to discredit at all costs.

Around 600 doctors, nurses, and laboratory technicians came out of urgency in the last two weeks to 15 countries, among them Andorra, Italy, Venezuela or Nicaragua to the pandemic of COVD-19. Prior to this, thousands more were already in some 60 countries with which the island has signed agreements of long duration to cater to poor sectors.

Already in the midst of the crisis by the coronavirus in several parts of the world, the united States attempted to late march to deter the governments request to Cuba the support of their doctors. Washington maintains sanctions against Havana and press for a change in its political model.

The cuban doctors won fame during the outbreak of ebola in Africa in 2014, and the prestige that rose was instrumental in the rapprochement diplomatic driven by Barack Obama that now he was cut off by the administration of president Donald Trump.

Just on Monday, Lopez Obrador indicated that they had talks with Cuba, but dismissed the imminent arrival.

The Pan american Health Organization reported Tuesday that the peak of the disease could reach the region in a period of three to six weeks, so that countries must strengthen their measures.

In Latin america and the Caribbean there are more than 33.300 infected and has killed more than 1,200 people.

In Cuba, health authorities, for their part reported that the cases of COVID-19 on the island came to 396 on Tuesday of which died, 11 people -two the day before, including an old woman of 101 years. Among the infected is also a baby 55 days old.

Mexico reported more than 2 thousand 700 cases and 141 deaths; at the time that increased the claims of the border states where they accumulate national deported and central american immigrants so much that going to be the united States or which have been returned from this country.

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