Dies cartoonist Juan Gimenez by coronaviruses in his native Argentina


Dies cartoonist Juan Gimenez by coronaviruses, at 76 years of age, reported the Editorial Graphite.

The death was April 2, at the central hospital of the city of Mendoza.

Based in Spain since many years ago, Gimenez traveled to Mendoza, Argentina for the past few weeks, already sick by COVID-19.

The creator of stories such as “The black star” (1979) and “The caste of the Metabarones” (1992) along with Alejandro Jodorowksy received praise from the Editorial Graphite; as it is today has left us this master of the comic book, science fiction and fantasy in his native town, where he traveled from Sitges, where he resided already infected.

Also, with other cartoons world known as “Garbage” (1988), “The fourth power” (1989) and “City” (1991).

Dies cartoonist Juan Giménez

Dies cartoonist Juan Giménez - noticiasACNJuan Giménez (Mendoza, 1943) began as a cartoonist at the age of 16 in important journals of the adventures of his country as “Frontier”, “Misterix” and “Zero Hour”; according to the biography published by Standard publishing, which also published some of their titles.

At the beginning of the 60’s left the media to work in advertisingbut he returned to comics in the mid 70’s with short stories for “Skorpio”; some of them compiled in the album “The strange trial of Roy Ely”.

It was in the decade of 80 when it was installed in Spain; where he collaborated in the magazines of Toutain Editor, 1984 and Comix International with series such as “War III” (1981), “City” (1982); “Matter of time” (1982) or “The Black Star” (1983).

In 1985 he joined the writer Carlos Trillo and he was “Trash” for Zone 84, and the following year launched “Lem-Dart” and “Leo Roa”; both with scripts of their own, the same as the “Fourth Power” (1990), a series originally published in France.

Another moment summit of its race, which is reached along the screenwriter chilean Alejandro Jodorowsky to illustrate the series “The Caste of the Metabarones”.

Among his awards highlight “Best Artist in the Salon of Comics and Illustration of Barcelona (1984), the Yellow Kid for the Best artist abroad (1990) and Award Bulle D’or (1994).

Dies cartoonist Juan Giménez - noticiasACN


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