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“Trolls 2: the world tour”, today on the platforms

LOS ANGELES (EFE).— The coronavirus has canceled its premiere in the cinema, but did not stop completely at “Trolls 2: the world tour”, tape animated that comes in “streaming” today, which offers fun for little ones and an irony too sharp to music lovers and features a large Latin element in the dubbing.

The reguetonero J Balvin, the director of the orchestra, Gustavo Dudamel and the actor and singer Anthony Ramos put the footprint of hispanic to this film filled with musical references that expands the universe, colourful and playful “Trolls” (2016).

Once upon a time, a world in which there were a few trolls who lived by and for music, regardless of genres.

But this paradise music broke in six different soils because of differences in tastes and clashes between the trolls: the realms of pop, rock, funk, country, techno and classical music.

This is the premise of “Trolls World Tour”, that allowed the directors Walt Dohrn and David P. Smith to create worlds very imaginative in role of each style of music and incorporate a pattern of child-centered disagreements and union of all the trolls) numerous winks and jokes for the adults plus music lovers.

For example, the land of the country is a barren desert-style Wild West that do not understand anything of the madness and excitement of the pop, while the world of techno music it is a great “rave” under the sea.

The soundtrack includes songs ranging from the Spice Girls, Curtis Mayfield, passing by works of Beethoven and in the dub there are musical stars of all colors: Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Clarkson, George Clinton, Mary J. Blige, Anderson Paak, etc.

By the way, a lot of attention to the bounty hunters that lurk in “Trolls World Tour”: they are fearsome bands of reggaeton, singers of k-pop or artists of yodeling.

“The dubbing in animation is fun because you can make the character whatever you want,” said Anthony Ramos, one of the latinos involved in this tape alongside Dudamel, who lends his voice to the conductor Trollzart, and J Balvin, which folds to the villain Tressilo.

Ramos, who was the confidante of Lady Gaga in “A Star Is Born” (2018), and this year stars in the film musical “In The Heights” Lin-Manuel Miranda, pointed out that in the cabin of dubbing“, there are guides and a path to follow, that is the story”.

“When you do an animated character is very fun because it allows you to explore that no one is rolling (…). You can let yourself go and be honestly the most animated of yourself,” he argued.

Ramos gives life to King Trollex, a passionate DJ.

“In my head I’m a DJ, but in reality I’m not,” he said between laughter.

“I love the energy of this character. In the initial scene, the whole world is celebrating and he is just the type (to the front). I grew up loving the music, the dancing, and the party so I think that was an appropriate choice for this role”, he remarked.

“Trolls 2: the world tour” due to arrive today, Friday the screen, but the coronavirus led to Universal to release it directly on the digital platforms.

It is a move of interesting, in a Hollywood still in “shock” by the pandemic.

So, more of a study will be pending of the result that achieves the Universal with this sequel of a tape, “Trolls”, who achieved a remarkable result at the box office and that succeeded, on the whole, thanks to the theme “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake (nominated for the Oscar for Best Original Song).

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