Doctors in Spain they dance Single Ladies during the contingency


In Spain a group of physicians decided to put a little humor to these moments and put together an entire choreography to the rhythm of a classic of pop culture.

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The doctors decided to cheer you up, and take off a little stress, due to the contingency of our health, dancing to “Single Ladies” for Beyoncé, as well, were applauded for their excellent dance steps.

The video became viral as it looks to a few doctors, extremely protected to prevent the spread of the virus that has swept across the world, decided to evade a little of the stress that you have dancing to the rhythm of Single Ladies by Beyoncé, showing that they were very good balarines, performing a choreography almost perfect. Worthy of dancers of the singer.

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As the hospitals are kept over saturated of people infected with hiv of the much-mentioned disease, physicians have not rested at all, have even had to be forced to double their working hours, it is clear that the stress each day becomes more strong, thus the number of infected each day is also greater.

However, these doctors found a way to be able to take a break and be able to perk up a bit showing off their best steps to the rhythm of the famous iconic song of Beyoncé.

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The clip is only 39 seconds, shared on Twitter, shows six doctors perfectly protected against any type of contagion, to do the choreography without any mistakes, apegandose as possible to the famous original choreography of the catante.

The above video from the medical dancers quickly became viral provoando that they were feeling in the networks, since all internet users have commented that, like them, we should all see the positive side to the situation. In addition, users commented on the great effort that they are making the doctors to counteract the disease.

“In the middle of a small break, Spanish doctors who fight against the coronavirus, they dance to the song Single Ladies from Beyonce for you to take a little bit of encouragement,” reads in the original publication.