Does the block of Instagram? The controversial photo of Natalia Barulich that crosses the allowed limits


Natalia Barulich he rose to fame for being the woman who stole the heart of Maluma, cautivándolo full.

However, the little time, the model was already shining with a light of its own and its success had nothing to do his relationship with the singer of reggaeton.

The couple was one of the most weighted in the world of the show, however, a few months ago broke, and Natalia he began to show that you do not need a boyfriend famous to get the admiration of thousands of fans.

It happens that the brunette cause furor in the networks with each of their publications, showing that their popularity is on the rise and that has yet to find the ceiling.

The u.s. it has 2.7 million followers and each day that passes adds more and more, becoming one of the figures emerging most influential of Instagram.

In this opportunity, Barulich it crossed some boundaries with one of his photographs, and there are those who suspect that at any time will be blocked.

In the image the ex-Maluma it is clear that she is willing to violate some rules, and who will continue to walk the fine line that divides the permissible from the forbidden.