Duffy tells the brutal story of her rape



The past month of February, when the singer Duffy revealed via Instagram that her disappearance from the world of music a decade ago was due to a sexual assault, also said that eventually he would share the rest of their history under their own conditions.

Now the british artist has released a long statement on its website in which it reveals that he spent four weeks held against her will after being drugged in a restaurant the day of her birthday and taken to a foreign country that has not been specified.

“I don’t remember having jumped on the plane and I woke up in the back seat of a vehicle in motion. They locked Me in a hotel room and the manager came back and raped me. I remember the pain after it happened and had tried to stay awake. I was trapped with him for another whole day; not looking at me, I was forced to walk behind him. She was conscious, and locked in myself. He could have been a waste of me at any time”, tells the interpreter for 35 years.

In his testimony, Duffy recalls that in those moments he felt his side “a presence” that helped him to stay alive. If you do not dare to flee then, it says, while her attacker slept, it was because there was not money above and he feared that he alert the police to seek as a possible missing person. Eventually both returned to England together, but the nightmare was not yet over.

“The aggressor I drugged in my own house during those four weeks, and I don’t know if he raped me over that period of time. I only remember regaining consciousness in that car and my flight, which occurred in the days after, when I escaped. I don’t know why I wasn’t on drugs too while we were abroad; I find that I provided an illegal drug that they could not travel.”

Duffy tried to keep calm as possible despite the fact that I knew that still was in danger because the man who had kidnapped hinted on several occasions that he wanted to kill her.

“After everything ended, one of my acquaintances was passed by the house and saw me on the balcony, staring blankly and wrapped in a blanket. I do not remember to have come up there. That same person told me that it was yellow and looked like a dead; he was clearly frightened by me, but didn’t want to interfere because I had never seen anything like this”.

The artist has clarified that he informed the police of what happened in two different occasions: initially because someone made him blackmail you by threatening to leak their story and later in the framework of an investigation surrounding an attempt to warrant at his home. On the other hand, has also insisted that the identity of the rapist should be between the authorities and she.

Duffy has claimed, without going to give more details, who, from his environment -where very few were aware of why she retired from the music industry – advised to keep silent so as not to ruin your career or facing public doubts and questions about the perpetrator, who has signaled that he remains free.

In consequence, it was to change identity and move to another place where I could start from scratch under a new identity to engage in selling flowers or running a café.

What made him change his mind was the certainty that it would be betraying itself if you opted to delete your previous life after having already lost so much. In their own words, the last ten years have been a constant struggle to “recover the pieces” of its identity: “A rape is like a murder in life, you’re still here, but you’re dead,” he says.

All of their romantic relationships since then have ended in failure and have been defined by a dynamic of power and hidden interests against you, as he has confessed, and the contact with their loved ones, or your family -even with those who wished to help her heart – has been affected by his desire to hide, has moved home five times and only one has dared to return to his native Wales recently.

“What happened was not only a crime against me, against my life, and an act of violence that almost killed me, you also stole something that is very important to other people. I did not come back to be the same Duffy for a long time,” he added, to recognise that at times it seems that never will be again.