Emilia Clarke offers a dinner virtual next to her during the isolation


Emilia Clarke's isolation
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Emilia Clarke does not want to be left out of the initiatives to combat the isolation required to prevent the pandemic by the coronavirus. The actress Game of Thrones, made a call to contribute money to your foundation to free up beds in hospitals.

Through Instagram, the interpreter of 33 years of age asked to raise funds in SameYou, her charitable organization that helps patients with brain injuries and strokes.

In this opportunity, Clarke seeks to free beds for patients with covid-19 at the same time that people with brain injuries can recover in your home. In this way, it would free spaces in the places where they serve. His idea is to add funds to provide patients with essential support.

To change, Emilia Clarke will select 12 donors who will accompany you in a dinner virtual during the isolation. In the evening, will perform a “dynamic fun in that you can cook, eat and talk about many topics.”

“100% of your generosity will fund the support of the rehabilitation clinic virtual in the next few weeks. It is a task that is very large and a great requestbut all of you are souls of great heart”, said in her Instagram.

The clinical virtual to which it refers, support the people who support your foundationn from their homes in the United Kingdom. Clarke founded SameYou after suffering two brain aneurysms the first few days of filming with Game of Thrones.