Evangeline Lilly is apology after the controversy unleashed with his comments about the coronavirus


With everyone working in the process of awareness, their statements were a jug of cold water. Days ago, Evangeline Lilly the liaba brown to qualify the coronavirus as a cold and be dispatched to their hearts content with comments grotesque: “it is vkeep an eye on close to the leaders, making sure not to abuse the time to steal more freedoms and get more power. There are people who value their lives over freedom. Others value their freedom above their lives. We all make our decisions.”

Of course, the storm that was breaking out was of epic proportions, to the point that even colleagues of the same profession as Sophie Turner we afeaban his words. Now, with the Covid-19 rocking the united States without contemplation, it seems that the interpreter has begun to enter reason.

I never wanted to do damage. I now realize that I was projecting my own fears in a situation that is really traumatic and terrifying. Grandparents, parents, children, brothers and sisters are dying and the whole world is coming together to fight against this threat. My message was derogatory and arrogant”, he stated Evangeline Lilly in his personal account of Instagram. An apology to every rule.