Fran Drescher reunites the original cast of “The nanny”



With the phrase “hello everyone, it’s me, Fran Drescher”, was how I began today the long-awaited reunion of the cast of “The nanny”, after more than two decades of your last transmission; in order to give reading the chapter pilot of the series, to the delight of his followers who are in quarantine.

The also the co-creator of this iconic program of the 90’s, which since three days ago, announced this event on social networks, was said to be very happy to see again the whole cast together, even if in a virtual way, and immediately gave way to presentations, Charles Shaughnessy (Maxwell Sheffield), Madeline Zima (Grace), Daniel Davis (Niles), Lauren Lane (C. C. Babcock), Benjamin Salisbury (Brighton), Nicholle Tom (Margaret), Renee Tylor (Sylvia), Rachel Chagall (Val), Jonathan Penner (Dany), Dee Dee Rescher (Dotty), Alex Sternin (Danny) and Ann Hampton Calloway, composer of the opening song of the series and that was played at the piano by her in this transmission.

“It’s like before and what is more wonderful is that I look younger today,” joked Renee Tylor, who played Sylvia, the mother of Fran Fine (Fran Drescher), the protagonist of “The nanny”, making everyone laugh.

The charge of the narration of the situation of each scene, was the producer, writer and co-creator of the comedy show, Peter Marc Jacobson.

With the passage of years, visible in their faces, but with the same spark from years ago, represented the first chapter where Fran bursts in the life of the elegant Maxwell Sheffield, producer of theatre, and their children Maggie, Brighton and Grace, when, by chance, arrives at the doors of your home selling cosmetics and ends up as a nanny.

“We want you to be well, that they are safe, that are healthy, so go to the Organization Cancer Schmancer, there are wonderful videos with information that you can share with your family, so that you are well and thank you very much”, it was like Fran Drescher finished this reading, through the youtube channel of Sony Pictures.