Francis insists to attribute the pandemic to a ‘response’ from Nature to the action of man



In the recent interview online by Pope Francis to his biographer, Austen Ivereigh and reproduced by The Tablet and the Commonwealth, His Holiness has returned to point out that you do not see both the hand of God in this pandemic as a “response” from nature to the predatory act of man.

“I don’t know if this is a revenge of the nature, but it is certainly an answer of the Nature”, says the Pope, after Ivereigh imply that the pandemic can be an occasion to promote the ‘ecological conversion’ which is so we are encouraged from the dome church.

Why”certainly”? Except that reference is made to the actually totally obvious that every action causes a reaction, and that nature includes the totality of physical phenomena, yes, of course, of course. But it seems that it is a question of that, as I say, it would be presented a tautology and hardly would have any link with the interviewer’s question.

In another sense, in contrast, is much more questionable. Would mean that the industrial action is the one that has resulted in the ‘Nature’ -that is not a body self-conscious and, therefore, can not ‘decide’ any response – the current plague.

There is something close to a consensus on the origin of human and deliberate of the virus that is plaguing humanity, which would make it quite difficult to connect it to an effect of the predation industrial priority. Although it is natural for the Pope to avoid this explanation, because the ‘manufacturer’ of this infectious agent, in fact, be artificial, it would be China, a country that is by all means not to offend, to the point of comparison in its day, the suppression in Hong Kong as a case remotely similar in other parts, to avoid condemning it.

This is the vision of the Pontiff, make it clear his next words.

“We have not reacted to catastrophes partial”, he says. “Who now speaks of the fires in Australia, or remember that, 18 months ago, a ship could cross the North Pole because the ice had melted at all? Who is now talking about the floods?”.

Surely Your Holiness will forgive us that we don’t speak of floods, a recurrent phenomenon since there is the planet, having before our eyes this catastrophe that affects all of us. For the rest, and although I confess that I am not now very focused on the news of the taste of Greta Thunberg, I find it hard to believe that the North Pole has melted without it being a holder of first in all the world’s press, that both are committed to spreading the panic climate. In terms of the fires in Australia, I imagine that the Holy Father knows that were started and stopped the guilty.

On the whole, the current pandemic has not yet reached the degree of virulence and horror of other pests that we have visited in historical periods very previous to the Industrial Revolution, when it would have been inconceivable to attribute them neither to revenge nor to the response of Nature to human action. These were times in which the Popes saw in these disasters, warnings of divine, which seems to marry the idea of a provident God who has numbered the hairs of our head, and without whose acquiescence is not killed a single sparrow.