Get the pelazo of Scarlett Johansson with the detox of your stylist


To achieve a supermelena as the actresses of Hollywood is perhaps more simple than you think. We often think that only the best experts or the most exclusive products they can get those manes so beautiful, but maybe just try to find some rituals that yes you can copy… even in your own home. It is the case of the plan détox hair that, according to Frederic Fekkai (hairstylist of Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow or Sandra Bullock, among other stars)we should continue from time to time. A concept of detox, that usually only concerned with the face or the body but which can also be beneficial (and very much) to our hair. In fact, exfoliate the scalp, choose formulas without sulfates and with natural ingredients purifying, and try not to overuse styling products can be the three keys that you need to in the end achieve the hair lovely that you want. Why? The remove the impurities, the rest of pollution, the excess fat or the harmful effect of the dye, the scalp is healthier (with which the hair grows stronger) and the mane more shiny and with volume.

– Jennifer Lopez boasts pelazo with a brush of 6 euros