Give Tania Palacios supports food


After the governor announced a series of measures to support families queretanas, the deputy Tania Palacios Kuri expressed through social networks their commitment and shared that in the next few days will be making delivery of supports and food with the aim of pay and strengthen the Emergency Plan before the COVID-19.

In its publication, the mp stated that there are times ones but it is time to help. He invited citizens to join the call of the governor Francisco Dominguez.

“I do an invitation to join the governor’s call Pancho Dominguez. I share the commitment to help. Us all to solve. In these moments already is not the time to think about ones political. The intention is to help the greatest number of families, and from my trench I will be bringing props-food to the families queretanas.

“It is time to act. There is No time to lose. The time is now,” he said, recalling that among the measures announced by the Governor, are: restriction of traffic throughout the state from 3 to 30 April for non-essential activities; families that have been diminished their income from the effects of the Covid-19, will receive support food in your house.

Call for “Vigilant Citizens” for those people who are between 20 and 40 years and does not have a formal employment, will be performing a variety of tasks, social work and humanitarian and will be remunerated economically.

Expansion of 240 psychologists in the Call Center of the state government who will be providing care and psychological counseling. And for those who want to join and help, will be able to review the terms and conditions on the website: