God of War: The villain of the film would come out of the WWE


God of War had an excellent return in 2018, and even if the newest game was harshly criticized for changing what we had seen previously, was a success.

The history of Kratos always caught the attention of the gamers, who in recent years started to ask for a film adaptation of Hollywood.

Although the conversation takes a lot of time in social networks, recent information would indicate that yes it is in process, and even have already in mind the actor that he could play the villain.

Since some months ago circulating the rumor that a movie of God of War you are already in the process of production, putting Jason Momoa in the role of Kratos.

Until now had not been mentioned more details, but a recent rumor seems to indicate that the project is still standing and until would be the villain.

BossLogic imagined Jason Momoa as Kratos.

According to the site We Got This Coveredone of their sources confirmed that Universal would be in charge of the movie of the video game, and that the actor chosen to give life to Ares would come out of the WWE.

Hero Marvel villain of God of War

Apparently, Dave Bautista would be in the crosshairs of the producers, and as you might imagine, would tell of the events that occurred on the first video game.

Hero Marvel villain of God of War.

It is true that many of us would like to see Jason Momoa giving life to the Kratos current, but if you think about it carefully, the first trilogy has a lot more material to take advantage of them.

Up to here everything sounds wonderful, but it is necessary to take into account that it is a rumorsince there is an official source has confirmed or denied the existence of this project.

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It is very likely that we will not have news on the topic in quite a while, because several studies have suspended activities due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

What we cannot deny is that the project sounds great, but we will have to be very patient to find out if it will perform.

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