‘Gucci’: the project of Ridley Scott, and Lady Gaga is on rails


Clearly there is life after the coronavirus and that fills us with hope. The film industry, after tremendous delays and an uncertain hiatus, she would again be reloaded with the return to the scene of Ridley Scott for the long-awaited project Gucci, for more than a decade that has between hands. And don’t come alone: Lady Gaga has come to give us what will surely be a stunning interpretation.

Let’s go by parts. Ridley, the skull genius behind the franchise Alienhas danced around Gucci for more than a decade. The true crime on the assassination of the pioneer of fashion Maurizio Gucci I had so engaging a script Roberto Bentivenga based on The House of Gucci: A great Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour and Greed Sara Gay Forden.

The project, for October 2009, up had actors in conversations (nothing more nor nothing less than Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio). The project, however, was relegated in a drawer and , for 2012, Ridley would have left his daughter Jordan Scott took the megaphone. But it would seem that the one who will sit in the director’s chair will not be anyone else that Ridley.

According to a report THR, MGM has acquired the rights to the project with Ridley Scott on board to direct, and Lady Gaga in the main rolePatrizia Reggiani, the former wife of Gucci that was convicted of orchestrating his coup after the designer had an adventure“. Giannina Scottthe wife of Ridley, will produce alongside her husband. “The story is so epic, the stakes are so high and the characters so richly drawn that we were determined to bring it to the big screen. To say that we are thrilled to partner with Mike De Luca and his brilliant group of film in MGM is insufficient. We can’t wait to see this come to life next year , “Giannina said in a statement.

The people of the study is motivadísima with the film and have already scheduled for the 24th of November 2021 despite the fact that Scott is still in the middle of filming The Last Duel, that had to be closed off to half of the production due to the coronavirus. The plan is that Scott will throw to complete Gucci immediately after.

Patrizia Reggiani gucci lady gaga

Patrizia Reggiani. Credit: Shutterstock

The case of Maurizio Gucci was one of the most resonant crimes in the industry that shook the status quo and it also revealed the deep intrigues of financial in the heart of the fashion house. Gucci died after that Benedetto Ceraulo, a thief, a 33-year-old, espetara 3 bullets in the body. Behind, and paying US$ 80 thousand for the four involved in the execution of the crime, was Reggiani, daughter of a czar, potentate of the transport that was married for twelve years with Gucci.

Patrizia had plotted the murder of her ex-husband with the help of his seer, because, despite having spent more than ten years since the divorce, I was unable to accept the rejection of her husband and the loss of their social status. The last heir of the Italian firm, the grandson of Gucci’s original, is a story so exciting that it can only be overcome by the of the own Reggiani, a figure hypnotic that Gaga will bring to life uniquely.

After seeing how well executed that was in American Crime Story with the portrait of the death of GIanni Versace, we know that the patterns of blood and glamour are incredibly addictive. IF we add to that the trademark Ridley Scott and the talent of Gaga, we are completely on board.

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