Harry Styles fight against the coronavirus that way


Harry Styles has found a new way to earn money for the crisis of the coronavirus that is now present in almost all countries of the world.

On the occasion of World Health Day, 7 April, Harry Styles has released a t-shirt whose benefits will be entirely allocated to the Fund of Solidarity Response the coronavirus, which has organized the World Health Organization (WHO).

The t-shirt, which costs $ 26), has written in his part frontar the phrase: “Stay home. Stay safe. Protect each other”, that is to say, “stay at home, manteros safe and protect yourself against each other. In the back you can read “This T-shirt fights COVID-19”, (“this t-shirt fight against the COVID-19”. In addition to his motto: “Treat people with kindness”, (“Treat people kindly”).

The garment is available at the official store of merchandise of Harry Styles for an unlimited time and it is expected that all who buy will receive it in the next 4 or 6 weeks.

A lot of people is organizing to buy t-shirts or do a drawing and give the garment to someone who is unable to afford it. All fans of Harry Styles are looking for ways to contribute their grain of sand against the coronavirus.

This is one of the many proposals that the artists are organizing to raise money and also to help those hardest hit by the downturn in the economy.

Other examples of artists who have collaborated in this crisis are Rihanna that she has managed to donate more than $ 5 million since the start of the epidemic, or Rosalia, who has joined the work of Red Cross in Catalonia by donating money.

Many of the celebrities are aware of their privileges to be able to stay at home for months without economic problems and also have a home spacious and that is why they are looking for ways to give back to those most in need of their luck.