HBO will offer content without a subscription for the days to pass quarantine


To make more pleasant period of social isolation, as many countries in the world have adopted to make in front of the coronavirus, HBO released some of its content available in Latin america.

From the eight of Aprilusers entering from any geographical point of the region will have access to some series and movies from your platform streaming. Through a press release, the tv channel said that in order to enjoy this benefit it is not necessary to be subscribed, the only thing that is needed is to log into the web site or download the application HBO GO.

What content can be accessed?

Will be available the first five chapters five series exclusiveAvenue 5, Euphoria, His Dark Materials, The outsider and Watchmen) and the time is limited, as only will be able to access during the month of April.

In addition to this, HBO will release the first full season of its original series Latin America, refugees and, according to the tv station us, to the digital experience “it will be added gradually more titles exclusive to HBO, as season Sex and the city and The sopranos.

According to the Secretariat of Health (SSa), currently have been recorded in Mexico 3,441 positive cases of coronavirus and have killed 194 people by the disease. In this situation, in which each time the curve of the spread becomes more vertical, the health authorities have recommended the population stay in the homes.

The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatellduring one of the daily lectures that the dependence on the situation of the COVID-19 to the interior of the national territory, noted:

Stay at home. Because if you do you and we all do it is the only way to reduce the transmission of this virus. […] It is not possible to avoid the epidemic here, nor in any part of the world.”

In addition to enjoying the stories available on the platforms of streamingduring the period of quarantine, can be put into practice other activities to mitigate negative emotions and spend many pleasant hours.

Some specialists point out that to do physical activity can be a positive action, well, according to the doctor Dr. Oscar Galiciacoordinator of the psychology department of the Universidad Iberoamericana, the exercise generates serotonin and dopamine, fundamental substances to decrease neurotrasnmisores associated with anxiety, as is the case with adrenaline, which raises concern, and insomnia. In contrast, when we move our body, the emotions resulting from it are joy, tranquility and relaxation.

And that is, the isolation does not mean the interruption of the physical activitybut an opportunity to continue or start to practice it. In an interview for Infobae MexicoRaquel Pérez de León, nutritionist of the sport, proposed that the body takes approximately 21 days to create a habittherefore it is desirable to start to exercise the body during the period of confinement, which is currently defined until the 30th of April.

Pérez de León recommended that you perform 30 minutes of dailybecause , according to the specialist, the exercise helps to improve the defences so that the body can deal with any virus. “This also has advantages for our immune system. It is proven that people who exercise are more resistant to any respiratory disease”, he said.

Another recommendation to make less difficult the days of quarantine is sleeping six to eight hours a day. The dr. Viviana Battan, recommended to the people, lie down before midnight and get up at dawn. According to an article published by the specialist, during the period of sleep the body recovers energy and purified. “The deprivation, decrease or sleep fragmentation you can produce immunological abnormalities.”, said Battan.