He’s right – Angelina Jolie says that the young victims of abuse are not safe during the isolation


Angelina Jolie said that children who are victims of domestic violence are vulnerable during the pandemic.

The actress and activist for the rights of 44 years, Angelina Joliewrote a toarticle of opinion for Time magazine revealing that young people who are victims of abuse would not be safe in your home during the isolation.

In this sense, the filantropa commented that “To isolate a victim from their family and friends is a well known tactic of control by the abusers, which means that the social distancing that is necessary to stop the COVID-19 is one that is inadvertently fed into a direct increase of trauma and suffering to vulnerable children.”

Angelina Jolie, Unbroken - The New York Times

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While many children are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus, there are others who are not safe in their places of confinement to be victims of sexual exploitation, forced marriage, child labour and domestic violence within your family circle near you.

Also, Jolie said that when the young or adolescent attending school have an escape from his environment abusive to speak with Child Protective Services as teachers or counselors.

Finally, the artist has requested that in this isolation, the people will make sure “call to family or friends, especially when we have concerns that someone is vulnerable”.

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