I Amber Heard could go to prison for falsifying evidence!


The legal conflict between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard it seems to have no end, now, the famous actress ‘Aquaman’ could be sentenced to at least three years behind bars by fabricating evidence against her ex-husband, the multi-talented actor, Johnny Depp, who faces two lawsuits; one for domestic violence and another for defamation.

According to the information disclosed by the site International Business Times, the forgery of evidence of Amber Heard would be that it has to spend three years in prison, on various occasions pointed out that he had to use make-up to cover up the alleged beating that he had given Johnny Deppand the same , got to make appearances showing bruising, results of the beatings; however, it has been revealed that it was the same Heard who maquilló to simulate them.

All of this comes after the ex-maquillista of the actress revealed that she never had to put makeup on Heard to cover their hitsin fact, reported that this never presented signs of physical violence; so the statement will be used in favor of Depp.

Petition to replace to Amber Heard in ‘Aquaman’ exceeds 400 thousand signatures

After that came to light many evidences that left Johnny Depp as the battered person and not as the abuser within the relationshipthousands of fans of the actor, as well as the Movie Universe of DC began a campaign to replace Amber Heard in ‘Aquaman’ tape, in which he plays the role of ‘Mere’ and starred alongside Jason Momoa. So far, the petition has managed to collect more than 400 thousand signatures at the global level, however, the production company of the film, Warner Bros., it has not been proclaimed about it.

By your side, Johnny Depp had to give up his famous role of ‘Jack Sparrow’, then Disney broke relationship with him from the moment in which it became known that the actor was on trial for domestic violence; in the given case prove to be innocent, fans of Depp, as well as the tape ‘Pirates of the Caribbeanexpect the company to retract and Johnny can return to his old role.