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Like many celebrities, Kendall Jenner has been used Instagram in the past few days to show you how to pass these days quarantine. This has been done for the medium of popular stories, publications that only last in line for 24 hours.

Recently, the model shared a photo that appears in the book “Many Lives, Many Masters”, a famous work of psychiatrist Brian Weiss. With this, Kendall Jenner he left in clear that their time was devoted to reading.

Is that all it does? No, not at all. Recently, the muse of the gateways went up to Instagram Stories a picture that showed that is also enjoying another activity.

In the aforementioned photo out the book you are reading and a Nintendo Switch. Yes, Kendall Jenner intended some hours to video games.

This was the image that the model shared on Instagram Stories. (@kendalljenner)
This was the image that the model shared on Instagram Stories. (@kendalljenner)

This is fully confirmed with a post that you did on Instagram, which leaves to see belle with the entertainment device in their hands. As is logical, the publication racked up thousands of likes and comments.

“It seems that Kendall Jenner is passing a quarantine fun. Many would like to the life which is” pointed to a cibernauta.


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