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Throughout these years, Kendall Jenner he has shared with his fans hundreds of videos yours by means of Instagram. In some cases, become popular because they show the muse, wearing a flirty, colorful and small outfits.

One of his most recent clips are found in this group. There, Kendall Jenner appears wearing a slinky piece of lingerie in the bottom and a tiny pole sleeve zero.

It is worth mentioning that the material it was taped to the inside of the bathroom that uses the model, which grabbed the attention of hundreds by a the singular reason.

The provocative video of Kendall Jenner in the bathroom. (@kendalljenner)

In less than half a day, the video became the object of dozens of comments. Many were positive to the star of the catwalks.

“These are images that the followers of Kendall Jenner you will treasure. Especially in these times of quarantine,” said a tweeter who uploaded the clip.


Many believe that Kendall Jenner out drunk in this video



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