It explains the comparison of wines of Jay-Z, Kanye West and Drake Uncorked


In the Netflix movie Disgorging the writer and director Pentrice Penny, the protagonist compares to the hip-hop artists Jay-Z, Kanye West and Drake with different types of wine. Penny, the acclaimed writer / producer of Happy Endings and Insecure HBO, weaves a narrative intercultural Uncorked, as it juxtaposes the lifestyle of its protagonist with the ephemeral world of wine connoisseurs, and the comparison of the wine and the famous hip-hop artists is just One part of the narrative of the clash of cultures of Uncorked.

In Uncorked, Elijah (Mamoudou Athie) is determined to become a sommelier, but his father, Louis (Courtney B. Vance) is the owner of the restaurant family Bar-B-que, and you want that Elijah is in charge of the business, as he did with his father. Louis does not understand the infatuation of Elijah with wine and believes that Elijah is just going through another phase in your adult life. To communicate his love for wine to his friends, family and possible love interest, Tonya (Sasha Compère), Elijah attempts to close the cultural gap with references to pop culture, like comparing the wine with the hip-hop artists.

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In the film, Elijah compares three famous rappers with different types of wine. Chardonnay is the rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z, Kanye West is pinot grigio and riesling are like Drake. At first glance, these comparisons can make the audience scratch their head, but when you take a closer look, it makes sense to compare to these rappers with these specific wines.

Jay-Z is one of the rappers relevant, more ancient, and with his experience working on the musical score of The Great Gatsby, this is not the first time that their music is mixed with the fanciest things of life. In Uncorked, Elijah compares the chardonnay with Jay-Z, explaining that the chardonnay is versatile but soft, can go with anything and is the “grandfather’s wine”. These features sound exactly like what Jay-Z is to hip-hop music of today. The first album of Jay-Z “Reasonable Doubt” debuted in 1996, and his latest album “4:44” is released in 2017, so that its music literally has spanned three decades. Jay-Z also has appeared on dozens of other songs and albums, so it “goes with anything” also.

Elijah compares to the rapper Kanye West with pinot grigio wine. Pinot grigio is a white wine that has a little bit of flavor, and as Elijah says, “you Thought that it was just a white wine. I’m about to become stupid!” Although West can seem a artist friendly, often have radical ideas embedded in his music and public persona. Your support of the complex without the president Trump and his infamous interruption of Taylor Swift to give credit to the idea that it is more spicy than it seems at first glance.

The last comparison that Elijah does is to take a risk with the hip hop artist / R & B Drake. In the past few years, Drake has a different connotation than it had ten years ago. The majority of people now considers that the new music Drake is “soft” and “sweet”. Elijah describes the riesling as crisp and clean, but also with a sweet taste, and says that the riesling wine is “in their feelings”, obviously referring to the popular song of Drake “In My Feelings”.

Pentrice Penny is writing in Disgorging juxtaposed brilliantly two arts are completely different, the hip-hop and winemaking, in a comparison that withstands scrutiny. In the same way that the characters of the bridge of the film is divided culturally, a worker, an african-american Bar-B-que moving to France to study wine, it also makes the comparison of Penny in the world of hip-hop and the wine.

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