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it filters the original death Black Widow


The game Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame it has been one of the strongest moments and unfortunate of the Movie universe of Marvelhowever, the iconic scene was about to be very different***. Last march, the own Scarlett Johansson revealed initial plans for Marvel with his character, and today **has leaked the full sequence of his original death, which is also available in Disney+.

As you can see in the video below, it seems that the army Thanos has arrived in time to Vormir. The villains have not hesitated to launch an attack against Black Widow and Hawkeye, who were about to get the Gem of the Soul. Unfortunately, one of the shells of the ships go through to Natasha and dies without even having the opportunity to sacrifice. Hawkeye, of course, can do nothing to save her.

Without any doubt, this is a scene much more cruel and violent than the one we saw on the big screen. After the premiere, many fans criticized that his death was not at the height of the heroin because it does not deliver any emotion. In the end sacrificed himself to obtain the above-mentioned gem, and there was not any kind of confrontation with Thanos in Vormir. Hawkeye came out unscathed. To be honest, the sequence deleted is infinitely better.

According to Marvel Studios, the dismissed because there was no interaction enough between Natasha and Hawkeye. The sacrifice, however, had more sense to maximize the feelings that existed between the two. Having been in the movie surely must have changed a large part of the narrative later. In the first place, it would have been impossible to get the Gem of the Soul, and Hawkeye would possibly be captured by Thanos —if it decides not to kill him, which we doubt—.

The film’s solo Black Widow will be released next November 6. It was originally scheduled to reach cinemas on the 30th of April, but the pandemic coronavirus postponed all the calendar of the phase 4. It is expected that this will be the last appearance of Natasha in the Marvel Universe.

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