It of bad taste! Kendall Jenner caused a terrible suit … And remained idly by!


Kendall Nicole Jenner in the year 2017 and it became one of the models best listed in the world, according to Forbes magazine, and since then has been growing by leaps and bounds in your artistic career.

The 24-year old man has chosen not to participate in the television program of your family, as a way to take care of your low profile, which on this occasion ended up by unleashing a chaos.

Quarantine yes, it has revolutionized the Kardashian and this could be observed in a fight that you start, nothing more and nothing less than Kendall.

For a while both Kourtney as Kendallopted for having a social life is not so active and from the public events and flashes.

What sparked the conflict was when Kim anotició that one of his younger sisters would not take part in the launches of their products.

Seeing that there was no turning back, the wife of Kanye West showed fastidiada and sang all the truths to Kendall, triggering a tremendous brawl.

What more challenged by the viewers was the attitude of the image of Burberry, who instead of quelling the conflict, it was completely indifferent to what was happening, without trying to mediate between her sisters.