It premiere! Series “House of Flowers” published the trailer of its third season And the last!


Netflix gave a good news to fans of the series “House of Flowers” the post on his official Twitter account, in Latin america, the trailer for its third season And the last!

Fans the mexican history you can go saying goodbye with this new version that brings more intrigues and difficult relationships, part of the stay of Paulina de la Mora in jail, and the return of the grandmother to the family home.

The drama created by Manolo Caro will air on the 23rd of April. While, the followers may remember some of his best moments in his two other seasons.

Part of the new cast of the saga addition to the singer Ximena Sariñana and the well-known interpreter colombia Javier Jattin. And appear characters in his version of youth as Virginia and Ernesto de la Mora, and Dr. Solomon Cohen.

This preview reveals the beginnings of the flower shop, main theme of the adaptation and all that was causing characters to be revealed. In addition to become the scenes set in 1979.

Recall that the premiere of the program it was on August 10, 2018 and had 13 episodes. The 9 of October of the same year, the Streaming company had announced its second part.

The end of the suspense you will have nine episodes, but it is a mix of surprises and revelations in that last chapter that was open and with so many questions I have to wait!