It Trembles Brad Pitt! Jennifer Aniston turns to his ex and tells her the unthinkable… how Happy Angelina?


Days after it is expanded, the rumor about a possible marriage between Brad Pitt and who was his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, the successful artist american was once again exposed to the international press.

And that is, Jennifer Aniston not only became one of the main events on a global scale when an account is opened in Instagram. The situation goes far beyond that.

The protagonist of “Friends” was able to then stop the internet traffic for all of her admirers can follow it through its official account of Instagram, but what I didn’t expect the star was the news covering new limits.

Little by little the star of film and television seems to have learned how you can manage the social network, but the addiction is not what most identifies the actress. However. the fans are attentive to every movement that she makes.

For this same reason, fans of Aniston are not omitted from the famous tv star is being kept attentive to a live stream which was making his former partner, John Mayer.

During the clip, the singer was talking about the death of Bill Withers, who departed this world at the age of 81. And here a phrase from the famous did that Aniston sign with emojis laughing.

“Whether he was talking to someone or giving an interview, 15, 14 or 13 years ago, everything they said was useful. The 4% of the things I say are useful, in change in him were the 100 percent”, was what I was saying to the ex “Rachel Green”.

The sudden attitude of celebrity american it was acclaimed by fans who captured the moment that launched his comment with laughter… If the separation was on good terms, and she and John never again to be together.